Hi! I'm Alexa Kaminsky

I'm an Amsterdam-based design leader specializing in the product discovery and definition phase of the product development lifecycle. I combine strategic visioning with active participation, allowing me to effectively lead my teams while contributing directly to the design process as needed.

I have experience working with product, engineer, and business partners while building internal tools, B2B services, and B2C products in startups, scaleups, and large tech companies.

I'm a socially and emotionally intelligent leader who can build relationships, bring people together, and make things better while adapting to change with a positive, creative, and curious attitude.

If you're looking for some career guidance or mentorship, don't hesitate to reach out!


Head of Design at bol.com in Utrecht, Netherlands


Product Design Manager at Flexport in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lead Designer at Booking.com in Amsterdam, Netherlands

UX Designer at Aereo in New York, United States

Resources I've created

I’ve picked up some tips and tricks throughout my career and wanted to share them back to the community:

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