Alexa Kaminsky


Personal Project

yupmate came from my aggravation of being unable to move into NYC right out of college and instead having to live at home with my parents. Rent is ridiculously expensive and most of my friends from college lived in Georgia, so I did not have any roommate options.

I started looking online for a roommate matcher service. What I found was a very bleak landscape. Your choices were Craigslist or 1 of many sketchy websites. Sketchiness was the first problem I wanted yupmate to eliminate. The second problem was that the current sites either pair you with a person who has an open room in their existing apartment, or you have an extra room in your own apartment and are looking for someone. I didn't want either of those. I wanted to find someone a person first and then we could go find an apartment together. It is basically a platonic dating website.

I worked on the UX and design and my friend Ryan Funduk coded our MVP. We brought it to our current boss's at pingg to see what they thought. We worked on it for a couple of months, but determined that with our limited resources we wouldn't reach the critical mass needed to make the site functional.

Although we stopped working on it, I am proud of the work we did and am really hoping one day it will become an actual site.